ByteHouse Release, November 2021

In version of ByteHouse, we are pleased to announce some new features including Kafka Consuming Status, Audit, and connection editing, and a bunch of enhancements.


Get in touch

If you are interested to try out our preview features, get in touch with us by creating a ticket on the support portal.

New Features

Kafka Consuming Status

For each consumer group, users care about the consuming speed of each topic/partition, and most importantly the lag of consuming in each topic/partition. In order to enhance the observability in Kafka Loading job, ByteHouse introduces several metrics on consuming status, the consuming status dashboard includes the following metrics:

MetricsDescriptionLevel of MetricsStatistics
Maximum offsetMaximum offset in all partitions of the topic.Topic levelMax
Consumption speed (messages/min)The number of messages consumed by consumer groups in the topic per second/min.Topic levelAvg
Number of unconsumed messagesNumber of messages not consumed by consumer groups in the partitionTopic levelMax

Reset Kafka Offsets

In version of ByteHouse, we support reset Kafka offset for each partition, users can choose between 3 options, namely Latest, Earliest, and Specific offset. Thus, for the use cases like re-loading Kafka messages after tuning or removing duplicate messages, users can easily change the offset on partition-level for each execution, to ensure the messages can be re-loaded to ByteHouse.

Audit Logs [In preview]

ByteHouse can support the audit log in query history and role/permission modules. So users and roles with permission can download the audit log for the last 30 days, then the logs could be provided to an independent evaluation of conformance of software products and processes to applicable regulations, standards, and procedures.

This is a preview feature, please contact support for more info on this feature.


User Interface

  • In the data loading module, ByteHouse supports incremental loading for File upload.
  • Support editing connections in data loading.
  • Support advanced table settings during Kafka job creation.
  • Refine the rules for job names, make it flexible for users to name the job.
  • Improve search behavior for huge form column list
  • Optimize showing for tables with a large number of partitions
  • Partition pagination backward compatible

Fixed bugs

  • Fix error messages issue when list tables or views after the database was deleted
  • Fix error messages showing in query result when the role doesn't have enough permission
  • Fix error messages when the table doesn't exist in the default database or doesn't specify the database name in query statement
  • Fix CPU and waiting time display issue in the query profile
  • Fix bug when partition pagination returned items always sort by partition_name