ByteHouse is a unified data platform that supports both real-time and batch data import, and can efficiently analyse big data at the petabyte scale. Adopting ByteHouse would give you the following advantages:

  • Ability to connect local and remote data, both in real time and in batches, and get nearly infinite scalability.
  • Accelerated insights and data driven business decisions in real time.
  • Near-zero operation and maintenance costs, so you’re wholly focused on your business growth.


  • True SaaS

    • ByteHouse provides you a self-service User Interface (UI), so you don’t need additional hardware or software (virtual or physical) to select, install, configure, or manage.
  • Cloud-native MPP

    • ByteHouse is based on a next generation MPP architecture with shared-everything storage and shared-nothing computing, which effectively overcomes data scalability issues encountered in traditional MPP architectures. With HDFS as a storage layer, ByteHouse can easily support different cloud vendors and build a cloud-native architecture.
  • Dynamic elasticity and scalability

    • ByteHouse achieves scalable computing and distributed storage by separating the storage and computing layers, and can flexibly scale horizontally. ByteHouse also provides serverless features such as data loading, so you don’t need to provision resources in advance.
  • Multi-level resource isolation

    • ByteHouse supports multi-level resource isolation, including tenant-level isolation, read-write separation, and computing resource isolation, to ensure that concurrent queries don’t affect each other and provides enterprise-level security for your resources.