ByteHouse Overview

ByteHouse Introduction

ByteHouse is a unified platform to provide self-served data analytics at PB scale. Adopting ByteHouse, you would be benefited by:

  • Connect data locally and globally, from streaming source or batch source via ByteHouse with unlimited scalability;
  • Making the best decision by leveraging insightful data in real-time;
  • Near-zero maintenance service to enable customers 100% focus on business growth;

ByteHouse Highlights

  • True SaaS
    • ByteHouse provides you self-service UI with no hardware (virtual or physical) to select, install, configure, or manage and no software to install, configure, or manage.
  • Cloud-Native MPP
    • ByteHouse is MPP 2.0 architecture with shared-everything storage & shared-nothing compute, which can prevent data scalability issues in traditional MPP architecture. With HDFS as a storage layer, ByteHouse can easily support different cloud vendors and build a cloud-native architecture.
  • Dynamic Elasticity & Scalability
    • ByteHouse achieves scalable computing & distributed storage by the separate storage & compute Layer, and makes it flexible for them to scale Horizontally. Besides, ByteHouse also provides serverless features such as data loading, so you don't need to reserve provision resources in advance.
  • Multi-level Resource Isolation
    • ByteHouse supports multi-level resource isolation, including tenant-level isolation, read-write separation, and compute resource isolation, to keep high-level security of your resources.