Supported Regions and Providers

Supported Cloud Providers

In the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode, ByteHouse runs completely on cloud infrastructure. This means that the Compute, Storage, and Cloud Service Layers are deployed and managed entirely on the cloud provider that the user selected.

Currently, a ByteHouse account can be hosted on the following cloud providers:

For each Cloud provider, ByteHouse provides one or more regions when the account is provisioned, see as the following section.

  • For preview features, please contact ByteHouse team by submitting a ticket to get access to these features.


  1. Currently the cloud provider you choose for ByteHouse account is completely independent of other accounts. When creating a new account, you can only choose one region with one cloud provider. Besides, the region and cloud provider CANNOT be changed after the account is provisioned.

  2. The pricing may be different for each region and cloud provider. Check out the detailed information about pricing on the pricing page.

Supported Regions

Regions can decide where the data is geographically stored, and also determine where to provision the compute. By choosing the region that is the same as or near your business services, it would reduce the latency and lower the cost for data analysis and transfer.

ByteHouse supports the following regions across different cloud providers, you could choose your preferred regions to deploy SaaS version of ByteHouse product.

Cloud ProvidersGeographic SegmentsRegionsCloud Region ID
AWSAsia PacificAsia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1