Calculating Usage

Calculating Usage

At the end of the calendar month, Bytehouse users are charged for the resources that have been utilized, and this comprises virtual warehouses and data storage.

Virtual Warehouse

The usage of a virtual warehouse is calculated based on the session duration of the running cluster. The duration is measured in intervals of seconds, with a minimum session duration of sixty seconds.



To prevent additional charges to your account, stop unused virtual warehouses on the Bytehouse console.

A rate (in credits) is applied based on the size of the virtual warehouse selected.

Warehouse Size Rate
XS (Extra Small) 1 Credit(s)/Hour
S (Small) 2 Credit(s)/Hour
M (Medium) 4 Credit(s)/Hour
L (Large) 8 Credit(s)/Hour
XL (Extra Large) 16 Credit(s)/Hour

Data storage

The storage of usage is calculated based on the average amount of storage used per month in Terabytes (TB)