Getting Started


Bytehouse API is a cloud-based data warehouse service that provides a RESTful API for storing, querying, and analyzing large volumes of data in real-time. It offers simple HTTP requests for creating tables, inserting data, and performing advanced queries using SQL-like syntax.

To begin, you need a ByteHouse account to obtain an authentication bearer to use our API. You can follow this guide to create a new account on ByteHouse, do take note of the region of your account as it is required to run the API successfully.

Supported End-points

Cloud ProviderRegionBase URL
AWSAsia Pacific (Singapore)
AWSUS East (N. Virginia)
VolcanoChina (Beijing)*

*For China (Beijing) region, please refer to this API Reference instead.


Log in to ByteHouse console and click on the avatar icon on the top right corner. Go to My Account, on the Account Details page, click the "New" button beside Access Token to create an API Token.

Download CSV File to save your API token. You will not be able to see the API Token again after closing this pop-up window.

Paste the API Token in the Bearer field and the CURL will automatically populated, you can click on "Try It!" to see the response of this API. Make sure the selected URL is in the correct region for your account.

To change the region for API, click on the drop-down and select the URL of the different regions.

Guide on Specific API

Submit a synchronous query

To get vwID, go to the Bytehouse console and visit the Virtual Warehouses page to get the UUID of the vw.